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The kitchen is one of the most active parts of any house. When the kitchen is designed, the focus is more towards the functionality of the area. However, there are plenty of design themes that can be awe-inspiring and highly convenient for working around as well.

One of the design elements for a kitchen is the cabinet hardware used. Kitchens have plenty of cabinets given that storage is a must element. Cabinets can line both the walls and floor. While the cabinets themselves can be installed in various aesthetic styles, kitchen cabinet hardware can have unique styles as well.

What is Kitchen cabinet hardware?

Many people get confused over the term “kitchen cabinet hardware”. It actually refers to the kitchen cabinet knobs, pulls, and handles. Although it is referred to as hardware, it does not have to be metal only. Cabinet hardware styles can include other materials as well. They can feature wood, plastic, and even rope. You will be amazed by the ideas you can find.

Why Use Unique Cabinet hardware styles?

Designing a kitchen from top to bottom or even remodeling can be quite costly. If you just add a new and refreshing look using unique cabinet hardware, you can save lots of money and be happy about the new vibe and look your kitchen will feature.

Types of Kitchen cabinet hardware

Before we delve into the different cabinet hardware styles, let us first discuss a few types of cabinet hardware:

Cabinet Knobs

These are the most basic type of kitchen cabinet hardware you can install. They can be installed onto doors and drawers using a single screw. They are manufactured with various materials. These include brass, zinc, stainless steel, and bronze. While these are metal materials, as mentioned earlier, other materials can be used as well, for example, you can find crystal cabinet knobs. Natural marble and stone knobs are available as well.

Cabinet Pulls and Handles

Unlike the cabinet knobs, the cabinet pulls and handles are attached to the doors or drawers by two or more screws. Due to the multiple screw holes, it is used as an important factor in determining what handle will be the best. The center to center measurement is used, which includes the measuring of distance from the center of one screw hole to the center of the other. In case of two screw holes, it is easy to determine the entire size of the pull or handle depending on the design.

Cup and Pin Pulls

Cup handles, also known as bin pulls, are a special type of kitchen cabinet hardware. They are especially preferred for use on drawers. They have a semi-circular or semi-elliptical shape, which is why they are also called half-moon pulls. The special element of this cabinet hardware is its shape and the way it is attached to the drawers.

In other kitchen cabinet hardware, the latches and catches that hold the cabinets closed are also included. Similarly, the hinges are counted as well.

Kitchen cabinet hardware styles

With the different types discussed above, you know what kind of door or drawer pulls are available to you. Given that they come in different materials, you can create a new and unique cabinet hardware style for your kitchen.  You can both go for consistency or mix and match the styles. While you can find beautiful design ideas related to drawer pulls in catalogs and magazines, it is better to sit with a designer and kitchen cabinet hardware expert. This will allow you to showcase the best style for your kitchen. If you are on a limited budget, designers and experts can help you look for the best options. For example, some materials may be expensive but you can find great styles in other affordable materials. On the other hand, remodeling with existing kitchen structure or just adding new kitchen cabinet hardware into it can be difficult. You will have to be very careful about adding a fresh look without disturbing the original look of the area.

Here are some styles you can try:

Streamline Modern

This style has been adopted from the architecture and furnishings of the mid 1930s era. They bring curved, slender, and often horizontal lines to mind. They are very slim handles and give off sleek appearances. If they are available in stainless steel, they can look good against modern types of kitchen cabinets. For example, they will look perfect with dark stained wood.

They are a good option if you are going for a sleek, elegant, and roomy appearance for the kitchen. They also offer a convenient grip. They will fit right in with a modern, art décor, and transitional type of kitchen. However, if you buy large ones, they can cost you extra as compared to smaller counterparts.

Window Sash Pulls

This kitchen cabinet hardware has been inspired from window sash fittings. The sash fittings were designed to pull up heavy windows during the early 1900s. They are quite unique as they provide a nostalgic appearance by taking your design imaginations back in time. They remind you of the era when fittings used to be smooth, simple, and with soft round handles.

They are easy to grip. If you think your kitchen doors and drawers need a firm grip, then these provide a good option. They tend to work however with only a few kitchen design styles. They fit well with traditional themes as well as arts and crafts ones.

Back Plates

These are knobs that feature a back piece that lies flat against the door or drawer. If you are looking for more substantial appearance to your knobs, choose these. They also protect your cabinets from finger scratches over time. They work in an excellent manner with European, Asian or Victorian themes. However, these knobs are expensive. Moreover, if you are a cleaning enthusiast, you will find it hard to clean the back plates because of their ornate appearances.

Drop Handles

These can provide your kitchen doors and drawers with a furniture appearance. They consist of two pieces. One is mounted to the door or drawer and the other is dangling to pull them open. The most common style is the dangling ring but you can find them in other shapes and styles as well. They are also perfect for families with toddlers and young curious kids. These are difficult to pull for them. They are great if you are seeking a plain and minimalistic style for your kitchen cabinets. The best thing is that you can use them for any kitchen style. All you need is to match the two designs. For example, you will choose a modern dangling style for modern cabinets and Victorian for Victorian themed cabinets.

Glass Knobs

This particular piece of kitchen cabinet hardware is not only inexpensive but provides a flashy appearance to the kitchen. During the era of the depression, people would invest octagonal and fluted glass knobs to have an affordable luxury design for their kitchens. They are perfect for people who are trying to save money but want a formal appearance for the kitchen as well. They are also fairly quick to install. They can be easily matched with vintage, eclectic, contemporary, traditional, and country kitchens. On the downside, an intricately carved glass known or fluted one can be difficult to clean. So if you really like your kitchen to be squeaky clean from top to bottom.

Bar Pulls

These are not only a sturdy option but add glamour to the kitchen. They can fit easily with different cabinetry styles. They are great for wide drawers and the length does not have to depend on any hard and fast rule. In fact, you can get them made according to your preference and the size your door and drawers are.  They work exceptionally well for streamlining the kitchen; offering a pristine and unfussy appearance. They can be added to minimalist, modern, and traditional kitchen designs.