A unique cross of function and style. Combining the right color gives your project the complete designer element.

Recent technological advances in laminate countertop production have allowed them to mimic natural stone such as granite and marble in a way that is often difficult to tell them apart. While natural stone countertops are a thing of beauty, the maintenance and cost shortcomings are both addressed by their laminate counterparts. Natural stone requires resealing on a regular basis and if not properly maintained can foster growth of mildew and bacteria.

Laminate countertops are completely sealed and nonporous, ensuring a lifetime of safe use and easy maintenance. The fact that they cost a fraction of fabricated natural stone is just an added bonus! The BOSS purchases directly from the world's largest countertop manufacturer and keeps the latest trends and colors in stock.

Key Features

  • Durability
  • Ease of Installation
  • No Risk of Mildew or Bacteria
  • Significant Savings

Current Trends

  • Natural Stone Looks
  • Upgraded Edge Options